Back Pain

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Say Goodbye to Consistent Back Pain

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There's nothing worse than tweaking your back and losing your full range of motion. Golfing, running and even walking can become daunting tasks when you're suffering from sharp back pain. Fortunately, Moorhouse Chiropractic & Calm Massage Studio offers chiropractic services in Boise, ID. Whether you're suffering from acute, recurrent or chronic back pain, we can use massage therapy to pinpoint the cause and alleviate your pain.

3 great reasons to sign up for a massage therapy session

Don't let back pain rule your life. Make an appointment with a massage therapist at Moorhouse Chiropractic & Calm Massage Studio in Boise, ID. Massage therapy is an effective treatment for back pain because it:

1. Increases blood flow, which brings nutrients to muscles and tissues
2. Decreases muscle tension, which improves flexibility and reduces pain caused by tight muscles
3. Increases endorphin levels, which are mood boosters that can reduce pain and speed up recovery

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